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All of our team members have a service obsession. We measure ourselves by our clients’ success, partnering with our clients to drive the best business outcomes together and ensuring the customer experience underpins everything we do.


is to be most customer centric organization; to build a place where customers believe and treat us as A Trusted Advisor for their IT infrastructure, security, storage, virtualization, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud and Software solutions.


is to constantly improve what is essential to gain trust and confidence of our customers in network security, storage virtualization & System integration domain with the best technical support and services which will recognize us as one of the best value-added system integrators by customers and vendors.


System Integrators providing assured business efficiency with State-of-the-Art Technologies.
▪Leaders in Storage Optimization, Cloud Migration, Security Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Managed Services, Professional Services, Cloud and Software providers with operational excellence. ▪Certified expert team for end-to-end IT Infra Solutions and Support.

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We Provide Wide Variety of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services to Our Customers

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Data Center

Open communication between vertical TechMinds and the client organization is encouraged at this stage to establish a comfortable foundation from which to assess. The ability to scale up or back at the most opportune time and in real time by extending a premise-based infrastructure to public cloud services like AWS, Google and Microsoft is not only the key to digital transformation but will also eliminate the day-to-day stress of managing large, virtualized line-of-business applications.


Networks are the backbone of every business. Even in small or enterprise-level businesses, the loss of productivity during a network outage can result in hefty damages. Network monitoring solutions helps you anticipate potential outages and address network problems proactively. This helps in maintaining a congestion-free network that keeps your business up and running. This can be achieved with the help of network monitoring tools. A network monitor software helps you to monitor the performance of any IP-based device and helps businesses remotely visualize their system performance and monitor network services, bandwidth utilization, switches, routers and traffic flow. Once you have identified network issues, network optimization helps in improving the performance to a desired level.


Smart City

Tomorrow’s smart cities are focused on seamless delivery of vital services such as energy, transportation, water, sanitation, safety, and other public needs in an efficient manner. Vertical Techminds smart city solutions address the growing needs of cities/communities, fuel economic growth, enable sustainable resource management, and improve the quality of living for citizens. We leverage our proven experience in geospatial, and digital transformation technologies such as IoT and machine learning to provide smart city solutions. Working closely with cross-functional stakeholders, Vertical Techminds creates tailored solutions that support governments, utilities, and other organizations to build resilient, sustainable cities for smarter living.

Network Management

With networks scaling across wired, wireless, and virtual IT environments, network management only becomes increasingly complex putting network admins in need of all the help they can get. With a myriad of network management solutions available in the market, it is important to zero in on the right one. Network Management Tools generally help you assemble various metrics of the network in a single easy to comprehend dashboard. Among these network management solutions available, a reliable and effective network management solution needn't necessarily take up a huge chuck of your budget. An effective, secure, yet an affordable network management solution is your best bet to streamline network management. Comprehensive network management solutions are to be preferred for large organizational networks, as they help reduce the complexity involved in depending on multiple tools to manage networks. Choosing the right real-time network management software is revolutionary in your marketing game.



SD-WAN simplifies branch office operations and efficiently connects your branches to the internet. This makes establishing local breakouts easy. But those connections still need to be secured. That’s why you need Zscaler Internet Access. We deliver the entire security stack as a cloud security service to secure SD-WAN and your direct-to-internet connections. IT Products. Vertical Techminds is a rapidly growing technology company, providing professional network connectivity equipment for international markets. Through long-term experience and research and development of industrial network devices for IoT and M2M communication, we have developed a wide portfolio of products for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy. Vertical Techminds controls every stage of the product development cycle, which enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs and changes while ensuring reliability, security, and ease of use.


Once the process is completed our team will discuss the report and find the appropriate solutions for the bugs located. After that, a comprehensive discussion will be carried out to fix these vulnerabilities . We will ensure that the changes were implemented properly and all the vulnerabilities have been fixed. The team will provide detailed closure or remediation report which reflects the more secure state of the application.


Server Room Technology

This is the final stage of the whole assessment process. In this stage, the Vertical Techminds analysts aggregate all obtained information and provide the client with a thorough, comprehensive detailing of our findings. The entire report will contain a high-level analysis of all the risks along with the final report will highlight all the weaknesses and strengths present in the application.

Asset Management

Established in 1992,we at Vertical Techminds specialize in providing leading security system solutions for your home and business.From simple intruder alarms to multi-building digital CCTV & Biometric access control systems,we tailor make security solutions to meet your individual needs.